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Logistical Aspects
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Although other dates are possible, preference dates for the Programmes are:

- Arrival ................... Sunday
- Programme Start .. Monday(except on National or Local Holidays)
- Programme End .... Friday
- Departure ............. Saturday


This service can be provided on Arrival or on Arrival & Departure. Details of arrival - date, time and place - are required at least 1 week priorto arrival.
Participants will be welcomed at the airport, bus or train station by a member ofEUROYOUTH team that will:

- Provide them with maps and basic information of Lisbon.
- Voucher and Programme for the stay.
- Guide them to their respective accommodation in taxi.
- Assist the group in whatever question might rise.

ForDeparture transfer EUROYOUTH assures that a taxi will be waiting for the Participantin her/his accommodation to drive her/him safely and on time to return. Transfers preferred dates are at weekends (see DATES OF PROGRAMMES). In case of transfers during weeks days, EUROYOUTH can only assure that theLandlords will be able to receive the participants in the best conditions after 6 p.m.


Upon request, EUROYOUTH can provideLiability and Personnel AccidentInsurancefor Participants.
Civil Responsibility, Personal Accident & Personal Assistence (inc.Transport or Repatriation, Travel and Accommodation for a Companion; Medical Assistance).


Local transports can be assured to Participants and cangive access to 1 or all of the followinglocal transports in Lisbon city: Metro,Bus and Trams:

- Round-trip tickets only from theaccommodation to the languagecourse, work placement, culturalactivities and Informal Meetings(depending on the services includedin the Programme)
- Unlimited daily tickets.
- Unlimited card 1 month valid andrenewable.


Participants are lodged in apartments in individual or double rooms to be sharedwith other foreign students / apprentices or with host families.All accommodation provided includes access to bathroom and kitchen, all shared withthe house residents. All cleaning and maintenance of the spaces is of the Participant'sresponsibility.All accommodation is assured in a self-catering regime.

If the length of the project is one month or less, Participants could be also accommodatedin hostels or hotels, according to budget and availability.
Accommodation tends to be located in central Lisbon, which allows students to reachthe language school and/or practical training from their accommodation on foot or usingthe public transports (metro, tram & bus) taking no longer than 1 hour.


According to the indications given toEUROYOUTH, food board will be givento the Participants.As the Programme / Accommodation ison a self-catering basis, we advisepromoters to give Food Board to theirParticipants. A recommended amountwould be of 150? per month (see FOOD BOARD).

Sometimes, the enterprises that hostthe Participant for internship cancontribute to the costs or offer meals,however this cannot be assured byEUROYOUTH.

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