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ECDI - Newsletter Roménia
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On 5th-9th June 2013, High School "Stefan Procopius' was the host for the third project meeting held in the Grundtvig Learning Partnership" Everybody Can Do It "(ECDI). There were 36 people (staff and learners) of the 7 partner countries.


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One day of the meeting was devoted to promoting local community project and presentation of Romanian traditions. The meetings with the Mayor of Vaslui, Mr. Vasile Pavăl with Mayor Drînceni Mr. Gelu Pecheanu and Pădureni mayor, Mr. Diaconu Themistocles, represented, for each partner, an opportunity to present information about the partnership "Everybody Can Do it ", and to make contact with various aspects of Romanian culture and civilization.

On the occasion of outdoor activities held at the Village Hall Drînceni, Ghermanesti and with the support of the Romanian team and learners, the European partners have come into contact with Romanian food and folk traditions. Romanian traditional dishes, all prepared with great skill by Romanian students, enchanted the partners and the welcoming of the guests with bread and salt has sparked interest. Salt and bread is perhaps the most ancient custom of hospitality of Romania, being a symbol of harmony and friendship.

The meeting with representatives of Town Hall Pădureni represented another opportunity for the European partners to come in contact with Romanian traditions and customs. Here folk "Stejarelul" sparked by the performance delight and applause was repeated among European audiences who have also made contact with Romanian folk music with sârbele, hore and our movements uppity, but precise, with the beauty of traditional costumes.

Project agenda also included the following activities:

  • Exhibitions "Women who inspire Europe" and "Nobel Prize Awarded Women";
  • Learners workshops on gender equality;
  • Conference to disseminate the activities and results of the first year of the project was an opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices in adult education and gender equality;
  • Workshop in which were discussed the following: "Decalogue of good practices on lifelong learning coeducational", the brochure "We are EQUAL! Guide of Good Practices  on Gender Equality " ,workshops" We are equal "arrangements for dissemination, valorization and monitoring the partnership, shared responsibility to the project meeting in Estonia was decided to develop a database with the presentation of books and films on the theme of the project, and making a video to mark November 25th ("International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women");
  • Project evaluation meeting;

Analysis of evaluation questionnaires completed by staff and learners revealed that they appreciated the good organization of the project meeting, the optimal joint of   socialization and intercultural communication activities with workshops and discussions on partnership, elements of culture and Romanian civilization and interaction between people from different countries.

This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission