EUROYOUTH is an organisation specialising in project management and consultancy for European programmes in the fields of education, training, employment and local development. It was founded in 2002 and is based in Lisbon. Its mission is to contribute to education and training without borders by promoting and participating in European education, training and lifelong learning networks and projects.

Since 2002, we have been increasing and enhancing our skills. We began as a company specialising in mobility and traineeships in Portugal and abroad and are now a leading partner and consultant offering services for a broad range of community programmes. Our experience and skills mean we are able to provide added value to organisations looking to include an international component in education and training for young people and adults.

In Portugal, we work as promoters for European mobility projects, as partners for transnational projects to innovate and share best practices and as consultants for several programmes, projects and areas. These include the Erasmus+ Programme and its predecessors in the fields of mobility, best practices, sport and dialogue between young people and local authorities, as well as matters such as the labour market, (un)employment, youth, gender equality, career guidance, traineeships, mentoring, etc.

Internationally, we are partners in mobility projects promoted mostly by European organisations but also by third countries. We host young people and adults, for whom we provide personalised training programmes that meet all quality criteria, as well as providing monitoring, evaluation and certification and all the logistic support needed.

With a presence in Portugal and abroad, we have partners and suppliers in many countries, particularly in the European Union, from educational institutions and public authorities to businesses, which support us and help guarantee the quality of our work. Our partnerships cover countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden.

Our work is guided by care, quality, transparency, sharing and high standards. We actively encourage innovation and creativity at every stage of the project life cycle. We are constantly looking to update and renew our approaches and working methods through sharing, exchanges and joint reflection with our partners.