EUROYOUTH provides different types of support and services to public and private organisations seeking to carry out their projects, ensuring compliance with quality criteria, respect for funding rules and applying the most suitable methods and instruments. The services offered cover different stages of the project life cycle, from identifying needs and design to evaluation and activity and financial reports.



Each client and project may require different combinations of services with different levels of involvement and support:


  • Identifying needs;
  • Drafting and designing project proposals;
  • Determining and contacting partners;
  • Drawing up budgets;
  • Drafting and submitting applications.


  • Drawing up and implementing quality and risk management plans;
  • Performing internal and/or external evaluation of projects and actions;
  • Drawing up dissemination plans and helping to implement them.


  • Helping conclude contracts with funders and/or partners;
  • Helping with project planning: timing, budget and quality requirements;
  • Providing follow-up and monitoring when actions are implemented;
  • Holding training sessions for client teams;
  • Carrying out project evaluation and monitoring;
  • Providing support for the dissemination and exploration of results;
  • Supporting inter-institutional relations with co-funders and partners;
  • Drawing up financial and activity reports.


One of the most important fields of EUROYOUTH’s work is mobility for learning, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, other EU funds or private funds.

For mobility projects from Portugal to other countries, as well as the actions related to project management (see above), we provide a range of services and specific technical support for planning and executing European mobility projects:

  • Contacting and liaising with our European network of partners;
  • Providing support for the information and participant mobilisation stages;
  • Monitoring the different selection stages;
  • Preparing and organising preparation sessions;
  • Supervising plans and participant monitoring actions;
  • Providing support for setting and negotiating the training plan;
  • Organising logistics;
  • Providing support for certification processes, particularly ECVET.

For mobility projects coming to Lisbon – Portugal, EUROYOUTH organises a large variety of training programmes for students, recent graduates, people in the labour market, teaching and non-teaching staff. This includes socio-cultural programmes and the logistical aspects for these projects. See more here: Incoming > Services.



  • Scrupulously meeting all the responsibilities and tasks established in the contracts;
  • Setting up programmes focused on participants’ and promoters’ needs to enhance projects’ direct and indirect impacts and results;
  • Constantly evaluating and monitoring projects and their results for all stakeholders: participants, partner organisations, sending and hosting organisations, intermediary organisations, etc.;
  • Ensuring constant communication and immediately resolving any problems that may arise;
  • Recording and documenting the entire project until the activity and financial report is delivered;
  • Running participant, partner and/or supplier selection processes based on transparent, clear, pre-defined criteria;
  • Providing educational and vocational preparation, along with personal, social, language and intercultural preparation for all participants in the mobility project;
  • Providing certification and accreditation for the learning achieved during project activities;
  • Guaranteeing the physical and psychological safety of participants.