Experience in Consultancy

As consultants, we provide support in creating, submitting and executing projects for different types of promoters: not-for-profit associations and foundations, vocational, polytechnic and higher education institutes and local public authorities. As part of our social responsibility, we promote our own projects with national and international partners. We are recognised as an example of high-quality management in our projects and as important partners for the Erasmus+ programme.

When EUROYOUTH was set up in 2002, its focus was on mobility projects for learning within the scope of the different EU programmes: LLP – Lifelong Learning Programme, between 2007 and 2013, particularly the Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig sub-programmes.

Mobility still represents a significant part of our work, however, following requests from our clients and partners, we have, since 2014, extended our range of skills and intervention to provide consultancy services for other programmes, themes and types of projects. These include applications to the Erasmus+ programme: Strategic Partnerships for vocational training, school education and adult education, and also the fields of sport and youth. Some partnerships for Interreg, Horizon 2020 and Europe for Citizens have been similarly fundamental, and we have been undertaking specific technical support for evaluation, dissemination and partnership management in such projects.

Another important area has been best practices projects for which EUROYOUTH has been invited to be a partner. Every year, we take part in 2 or 3 projects in which we have the chance to learn, share and develop best practices, tools and resources for a range of topics, including: employability, mobility, transnational traineeships, transversal skills, gender issues, adult education, non-formal education, among others. Our actions and expertise here include research, creating instruments, drawing up reference documents, planning and executing dissemination and evaluation plans, as well as managing projects, work packages and partnerships.

In numbers:

Consultancy for Mobility Projects

Leonardo da Vinci (LLP) (2007-2013)

  • 31 mobility projects 
  • 458 participants on traineeship or technical visit mobility projects 
  • 18 promoters 
  • 18 countries and 34 destination cities

Erasmus+ (2014-)

  • 33 mobility projects 
  • 748 participants on traineeship, structured course or job shadowing mobility projects  
  • 17 promoters, of which 4 are consortium coordinators, involving another 23 schools as sending organisations. 
  • 20 countries and 47 destination cities for traineeships 
  • 14 countries and 36 destination cities for structured courses or job shadowing

EUROYOUTH’s Mobility Projects

These projects aim to provide more and better socio-vocational qualifications, personal and socio-cultural development and language training, all of which is duly recognised and certified. The aim is to contribute to a Europe of knowledge, competitiveness, social cohesion and prosperity, ensuring that citizens and workers have the chance to belong to and build Europe. 

Leonardo da Vinci (LLP) (2007-2013)

  • 4 mobility projects 
  • 95 participants on traineeship mobility projects 
  • 8 countries and 9 destination cities 
  • Mobility projects lasting 12-14 weeks

Erasmus+ (2014-)

  • XPTO+ consortium with 4 schools 
  • 4 mobility projects 
  • 213 participants on traineeship mobility projects and 3 on job shadowing  
  • 14 countries and 17 destination cities 
  • Mobility projects lasting 63-98 days

See more here: “European Projects”: Juventude Europeia, XPTO and XPTO+

Partnerships for European Projects since 2011

  • Partner in 10 best practices projects  
  • Partnerships with 22 different countries 
  • Work with 67 different partners