One of EUROYOUTH’s specialist fields is organising learning programmes in a mobility context when requested by our partners. These programmes range from traineeships and language courses to technical visits and job shadowing, among others.

Organisation of Training Programmes

As an intermediary partner, our main tasks and responsibilities focus on organising training programmes such as:

  • Traineeships that fit participants’ backgrounds, skills and expectations and the objectives and content of the courses they are attending/have completed;
  • Technical visits, exchanges, seminars, workshops and training on a variety of topics, including project management, vocational training, school abandonment/success, approaches to specific work sectors, soft skills, employability, etc.;
  • Intensive Portuguese language courses suited to participants’ language levels in partnership with a language school specialising in Portuguese as a foreign language and certified by the Portuguese Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT);
  • Socio-cultural actions in Lisbon and the surrounding area, including places such as Cascais, Sintra and Arrábida;
  • Personal and intercultural development actions and participant monitoring and evaluation.

Organisation of Logistical Aspects of Mobility Projects

  • Accommodation in student residences, individual apartments or with families. All our accommodation includes full use of all the house’s facilities, is on a self-catering and is located in central Lisbon, with easy access to transport and shops;
  • Lisboa Viva transport cards. We prepare transport cards so they are ready to be loaded by participants when they arrive;
  • Transfer upon arrival and departure between the airport or bus station and accommodation. Upon arrival, the programme coordinator will be present to welcome participants, give them the programme folder and provide initial information. Transfers use organised private transport;
  • Identification of travel routes. We help participants find the best routes, times and types of transport and the most suitable monthly transport passes;
  • Delivery of pocket money every month or in accordance with instructions given by the sending organisation.

The Mentoring and Monitoring Programme in detail

Our mentoring and monitoring programmes include:

  • Presentation meeting to give participants information on the first day of the programme;
  • Accompanying participants to interviews at the companies that will be hosting the traineeships so they can meet their tutors personally, confirm details about the traineeship and learn how to get there. For other programmes (job shadowing and technical visits), the programme coordinator accompanies the group throughout all the programme activities;
  • Monthly in-person meetings to monitor and evaluate the programme. For short programmes, these meetings are held weekly or twice a month;
  • Regular feedback for promoters about the progress of the mobility projects and traineeships;
  • Regular contact with company tutors for feedback, mediation and help with documentation;
  • Help to meet programme requirements: learning agreements, certificates, evaluations, ECVET certification;
  • Emergency phone number available 24 hours a day;
  • Evaluation using forms filled in by participants and host organisations;
  • Final report sent to the promoter with all the training programme and logistical details, including copies of all the evaluation and certification documents, photographs and a short reflection on each participant by EUROYOUTH.