European Youth



1 Jun, 2008  - 31 May, 2009


This Mobility Project gave the opportunity to 15 people active in the labour market from different professional sectors (including people searching for a job and new graduates) to undertake an internship in a European Union company as a way to facilitate their social and professional integration on the European labour market. They went to Italy, Spain and France for periods of 3 months. During the 1stmonth they did an intensive language course and the other 2 months were dedicated to the internship.

On the other hand, through access to mobility, education/training and labour market, participants could also learn and/or consolidate knowledge in other languages, have a life experience in another European country and see their European consciousness reinforced which is a key for an active and participative citizenship as it allowed them to be motivated and involved in European issues. The implementation of this project counted with the partnership of Tavira Municipal Council.

The project had the following aims: 1) Increasing the integration of young people into working life that is now-a-days more and more global and competitive; 2) Improve the relationship between the training and work area; 3) Increase the level of personal and professional training of participants; 4) Facilitate entrepreneurial initiative and boost the entrepreneurship; 5) Value the use of new technology and its suitability to the new employment challenges; 6) Encourage the language and intercultural training; 7) Contribute to raise awareness at European level that will lead to an active and participative citizenship.