Project Management as an Instrument with respect to labour market for development and Assurance of teaching quality in vocational education

1 Oct, 2012  - 30 Sep, 2014


The aim of project PIA2 – “Project Management as an Instrument with respect to labour market for development and Assurance of teaching quality in vocational education” – was to transfer, adapt and optimize the methodology for Project Management (PM) in Vocational Training, developed by University of Bremen and GPM (German Project Management Association), which deals with learning contents and with the teaching this methodology.

After the successful implementation of this PM methodology to support the development of work made by students in vocational training schools in Bremen, the objective was to assess its applicability and need for adaptation in order to be used by vocational training and students from southern European countries – France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, as it is believed that PM can be useful to promote training and integration in the labour market.


In practical terms, the project engaged into activities related to translation, analysis, discussion, adaptation and improvement of the materials and teaching-learning plans of the PM methodology. The project also counted with a network of experts specialized on subjects such as education, vocational training and/or project management and linked to schools (in particular professors, teachers and directors), public institutes, local authorities or organizations that collaborated in the reading and analysis of materials.

Finally, in partnership with 3 schools – AFTEBI (Covilhã), AESA(Agrupamento de Escolas de Santo André – Barreiro) and EPA (Escola Profissional de Aveiro) the PM training plan and the materials were implemented and tested in to order to check its suitability to their specific professional training context.


Project Presentation Brochure
Glossary Download Glossary – Dropbox
Project Management in the context of Vocational Training-Framework [Poster] Download Poster
Project Management: Didactic Design Download Glossary  – Dropbox
Core Curriculum : Project Management Download PM Curriculum – Dropbox
Training of trainers in Project Management in Vocational Training: Structure and Contents Download Teacher Training – Dropbox
Project Management Guide: Creating quality standards – Developed and self-organised learning on the basis of work plans Download PM Guide – Dropbox
Teaching based on Project Management and classroom work: Assessment of the successful learning [original document of the project] Download PIA2 Assessment – Dropbox
Assessment of the successful learning : Adjustments to the assessment of the project PIA2 in Portugal [specific document tailored and adjusted to the Portuguese reality] Download Assessment PIA2 – versão Portuguesa – Dropbox


Universität Bremen – Institute Technology and Education (ITB)



Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.


Landesinstitut für Schule Bremen


Université Monpellier III


Training 2000


Provinzia di Pesaro e Urbino – Servizio Formazione Professionale e Politiche per l’Occupazione




Universidad Publica de Navarra




AEVA – Escola Profissional de Aveiro