WhomeN – Active Socio-occupational integration of Women at risk of social exclusion through the recognition of competences and learning soft skills in order to offer New professional opportunities at home society

2 Oct, 2017  - 1 Apr, 2020


The WhomeN arises from the need to develop new innovative approaches for the development of skills for women at risk of exclusion, in particular immigrant women and women over 45. The aim is to increase their qualifications, their integration into the labour market, and their access to new job opportunities.

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme and will develop activities and materials to acquire and recognise social and transversal skills by acting along with these women and also with adult education organizations.

Its specific aims are:

  • To create and test a protocol that will allow a more comprehensive recognition of professional competences, after or before women are integrated into adult training actions;
  • To define paths for the acquisition of transversal skills for women at risk of social exclusion and with low basic skills, from which they can depart to acquire specific skills.


The ultimate goal is to create a protocol that encourages the identification, appreciation and recognition of skills, according to the European references and recommendations, in particular ECVET and EQAVET. This Protocol will allow a greater integration at work, especially in the case of women with no formal qualification by underlining and putting in evidence their basic and transversal skills.

There are many activities that will help in the elaboration of this Protocol, namely the needs diagnosis along with groups of women at risk of exclusion and the publication of recommendations to encourage the respect of cultural diversity and gender equality. To facilitate the practical implementation of the Protocol, an interactive platform with pedagogical materials will be launched.
Before the Protocol pilot testing among the targeted women two trainings will be held for professionals in adult education, which will also serve to identify potential Protocol improvements.

Training Courses for Adult Education Professionals nr. 1 – Protocol Fine Tuning Sofia, July-2018
Training Courses for Adult Education Professionals nr. 2 – Training itinerary for women at risk of social exclusion Riga, Abr-2019
Women’s Training – Pilot Implementation of the protocol Jan-2019 to nov-2019


Project Presentation Brochure Portuguese || English
Qualitative research on target group’s training needs and soft skills

Full report in English

Summary in Portuguese || English

Protocol for Adult Education Professionals – 1st part: Training Curricula and Pedagogic Material

june-2018 (1st version)

February-2020 (final version)

Protocol for Adult Education Professionals – 2nd part: Guidelines to assure Cultural Diversity and Gender Equality may-2018


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