XPTO+ – eXcellence in Professional Training Opportunities

1 Jun, 2014  - 31 May, 2020


The XPTO + Consortium results from the partnership established in 2014 between EUROYOUTH (promoter) and schools (sending organizations) – Agrupamento de Escolas de Santo André, Escola Profissional de Fafe, Escola Profissional de Rio Maior, Academia Total e ISQ (only in the 1st project) – for the promotion of mobility projects for students, former students and teaching and non-teaching professionals with learning and training purposes.

These organizations that had already a history of shared partnerships and mobility projects, gather around shared values and visions that are also the basis for XPTO+:

  • They believe in personal, social and professional education and training as key instruments for prosperity and social cohesion;
  • They want to be skilled and capable in their areas of expertise and share projects, in a complementary logic, in order to instil in them strength and quality and to ensure a greater organizational development;
  • They want to contribute for the recognition of the quality of professional training in the labour market and facilitate the entry into the labour market of very young people with little experience of life;
  • They want to continue, by facilitating mobility, with their social responsibility policy in order to contribute to the creation of a common European vision of teaching and learning.
  • They develop their organizations by focusing on people and by promoting their pedagogical, technological and entrepreneurial talents.The Consortium and the projects promoted have 5 general objectives:
  •  To promote employability and the development of specialized and qualified careers of young people in search of their first job;
  • To promote the training of citizens and participants more interested in society;
  • To guarantee the professional skills update of the staff of the partners of XPTO+
  • To promote the organizational and internationalization development of the XPTO+ consortium;
  • To contribute to the social, cultural and professional development of the members of the consortium, intervening directly for their training and human potential.


Name and Code Participants Destinations



48 students and former students

4 teaching and non-teaching staff

Berlin – Bordeaux – Cork – Derry – Floriana – Limasol – Maribor –Prague – Rethymno – Seville – Sofia – Vienna



60 students and former students Arezzo – Berlin – Bordeaux – Cork – Derry – Floriana – Prague – Rethymno – Seville –Sofia – Warsaw – Vienna



60 students and former students Arezzo – Belfast – Berlin – Bordeaux – Cork – Floriana – Maribor – Prague –Rethymno– Seville – Sofia – Warsaw – Vienna



45 students and former students Belfast – Wolverhampton – Berlin – Bordeaux – Cork – Padua – Seville– Warsaw – Vienna




Lisbon [PT]


Agrupamento de Escolas de Santo André

Barreiro [PT]

Escola Profissional de Fafe

Fafe [PT]

Escola Profissional de Rio Maior

Rio Maior [PT]

IEDP – Instituto de Educação e Desenvolvimento Profissional [Academia Total]

Lisbon [PT]

ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (apenas no 1º projeto)

Oeiras [PT]