EUROYOUTH is an organization specialized in project management and consultancy in European programs in the field of education, training, employment and local development. Our mission is to contribute for an Education and Training without borders through the promotion and participation in European networks and projects about Education, Training and Life-Long Learning.

It is our commitment to carry out all the efforts needed in order to respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which entered into force on 24 may 2018.



EUROYOUTH is the entity responsible for the fulfilment of the privacy policy presented here.


Implementation and Transition

Considering EUROYOUTH’s commitment and efforts in implementing the new rules of the GDPR and how complex this can be, in case any errors or inconsistencies are identified, we ask for it to be communicated to EUROYOUTH, using the contacts below, so that all necessary measures can be taken.


Data Collection

EUROYOUTH collects the data in the implementation of its consulting and projects management activities, whose projects can be promoted by itself or by third party projects. In the latter case, the proper authorization is gathered and the conditions for data processing will be clarified, ensuring full respects for third parties’ Privacy Policy.

Personal data are collected via registration in our programmes, e-mail contacts requesting information or expressing interest in EUROYOUTH and its activities and with research on the Internet, in view of the enlargement of its network of partners.

Collected data are used only within the activity of EUROYOUTH, limited to the minimum and absolutely necessary. In the case of communications related to marketing or dissemination of projects, the collected data as a general rule, are limited to the names of the organizations and contact persons, telephones, email addresses and location (city/ country).

Other personal data are collected along with host companies, partner organisations and participants, in order to fulfil (1) EUROYOUTH´S contractual obligations towards funding entities, in particular Erasmus+ Programme or (2) Contracts for rendering of technical support to project management. In such cases, the information is stored into the EUROYOUTH server, being that a paper copy may or may not exist.

EUROYOUTH staff data are also collected as it is necessary to ensure the proper human resource management, the correct planning and management of EUROYOUTH’s activity and the fulfilment of its obligations as an employer.


Authorisation of the Data Use

In contact with third-party entities, whether they are organizations or individual persons, EUROYOUTH will implement a policy of active and informed consent, through online forms (available on the web page) and written consents (available at the organisations’ head office and at the face-to-face activities carried out).


Use of Personal Data

The communications made by EUROYOUTH aim at the success of its activities and projects and at the dissemination of information and services relevant to its network and partners, in particular:

  • Sending information regarding relevant activities and projects that are always related to the EUROYOUTH´s areas of intervention, with an emphasis on education and training;
  • Sending information about national and international funding programmes or opportunities to join projects, networks and partnerships;
  • Disclosing services for clients or potential clients.
  • Ensuring the proper management of projects and motilities for which it is responsible and in which it is a partner or the promoter.
  • The EUROYOUTH communications are primarily made via email (direct emails or newsletter).


Management and Transfer of Personal Data

The data collected are managed and used only by EUROYOUTH´S team and will not be disclosed to third parties, except when legal obligations to do so exists or when it is inevitable in projects where EUROYOUTH is a partner and their success depends on it.

In these cases, a Memorandum will be signed with the partner, to whom the data will be disclosed, committing it with the EUROYOUTH Privacy Policy. On the other hand, any disclosed data will be reduced to the absolute minimum, seeking its codification or anonymization (in other words, efforts will be made to reduce the possibilities of recipients to be identified or to be contacted by others ways or for other purposes.

In any case we will not give or sell your personal data for commercial or marketing purposes.


Storage of Personal Data

Personal data will be stored and kept as long as the purposes for which they were collected, as identified above, exist; in other words, as long as EUROYOUTH´S activity continues, in the case of communications to send information about actions, projects, services and funding, and (2) during the legal term imposed by the funding programmes of the projects carried out.


Access, Update or Elimination of Personal Data

At any time, through the contacts indicated below, it is possible to:

  • Access and request a copy of personal data;
  • Rectify and update personal data;
  • Modify the purposes for which consent for personal data management was given, except when these arise from contractual or legal obligations;
  • Request removal of personal data, except when processing is necessary for the performance of a contract or compliance with legal obligations.



All enquiries or requests for changing or deleting Personal Data can be directed to the Managing Director via a letter [EUROYOUTH Portugal – Avenida Miguel Bombarda, 1, 1º esq. – 1000-207 Lisbon– Portugal] or via email [].

This privacy policy was updated 29 August 2018 and it is available on the EUROYOUTH website [].