ROI-MOB Project Presentation

 The Project Measuring return on investment from EU VET mobility – ROI-MOB aims at identifying and testing some indicators suitable to measure the “Return on Investment” in EU VET mobility (especially for 19+ years old participants, and EQF levels 4 and higher), in order to increase the quality of the mobilities, attracting more participants to it and also more European companies that are  interested in hosting the participants and supporting the development of the  mobility policies among promoters and different partners. 

The projects started in September 2016 and there have been held already 5 international meetings and 4 dissemination in the partner countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Portugal).  


Regarding the implementation of the project, several actions have been already developed. First of all, a first data collection was carried out among different stakeholders that were selected by each partner country and the outcomes served as a baseline for the definition of indicators.  These, in turn, were tested on a larger sample of 1.559 stakeholders by completing online questionnaires from host organizations, sending organizations and participants from the five partner countries.  

Now on the basis of the data obtained and statistically analyzed by the University of Padua, the first steps are being taken for the preparation of a report on the Return on Investment in VET Mobility in the partner countries. 


The goal by the end of August 2019 will be the design and the implementation of a ‘ toolbox ‘ that collects all the previous items and offers guidelines to replicate the processes of good practices  as well as, recommendations to integrate the results into the  mobility policies at organisational level.  




The next international meeting and event will take place in February 2019 in Lisbon where you can learn more about the development of the project. If you want to participate send us an email to 


For more information about this project, read the   brochure   and visit the website:   


Partners: Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali – IFOA  (; Regione Emilia-Romagna (; Università degli Studi di Padova – UNIPD (; Arbeit und Leben Hamburg (; Hamburger Institut fur Berufliche Bildung  – HIBB  (; INternational COnsulting and Mobility Agency s.l. – INCOMA (; Euroyouth Portugal (; European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training – EfVET ( ).