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PortugalEnergy Company

“Our company has received several Erasmus+ trainees, which has been quite enriching both because they bring new ideas and a different aproach to our project but also because they become role models for our team. People who travel abroad are an example of courage and boldness.”




United KingdomAndrew

“Although the language barrier had its difficulties, it was a very fulfilling experience to work with people from different countries such as Spain, Italy and of course Portugal. In conclusion, this placement has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.”


“I now have an experience abroad, not only as a student but also as a worker.”


“My name is Nicole and I’ve done my internship in Lisbon. I’ve worked in a lab of microbiology, I liked it a lot because I was always busy and if I was having any question my tutors were always ready to listen and explain me. I’ve learned a lot of things; I think everything that I’ve learned will be really important for my future job.

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“My internship was successful. I have learnt new knowledge and skills related with my professional area, new thematic as the human trafficking, prostitution and female genital mutilation (…) It wasn´t a boring work, every week was different, taking different areas. I have learnt the work related with this organization.

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ItalyRadia, Bologna

“Tenha a coragem de sair de casa, deixar o seu país e partir para uma nova aventura como esta, porque por muito que vá, não se arrependerá. Prepare-se com o conhecimento de que voltará uma pessoa completamente diferente: conhecerá melhor a si próprio, será testado em muitos contextos da vida quotidiana, enfrentará desafios muitas vezes em total autonomia, aprenderá uma nova língua, e quem sabe, talvez encontre o seu melhor amigo ou amor pela vida… Abrace esta experiência, deixe-se surpreender, mas acima de tudo, parta com todo o seu coração. Tive o grande prazer de participar no projecto ERASMUS+ durante 3 meses em Lisboa, Portugal, e asseguro-vos que será muito difícil regressar a casa e à rotina habitual. Deixo um grande pedaço do meu coração neste país maravilhoso e levo comigo memórias maravilhosas.

Até breve lisboa e obrigado por tudo!

Agradeço a Madalena e Petronela da EUROYOUTH pelo seu apoio durante toda a minha estadia no país.


“I came to Lisboa to live a new professional internship experience in the Architecture field, as well as to meet a new culture, language and city. All these “things” made me fell in love with LISBOA!

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“My internship in Lisbon has been a great experience! I designed postcards and newsletters. It was a complete new experience for me. My boss gave me the freedom to be as creative as I wanted to. It was great working with her and her amazing team! Not just at my internship also through my whole stay in Lisbon I met wonderful people who became true friends! Lisbon is an amazing city with a lot cultural facilities and a fantastic life style. I can just recommend this project. The type of experience you never forget. It changes your life in a positive way and helps you to become more confident for your future job!”


“It was an experience that I will remember all my life. This experience in Lisbon was the most beautiful thing I’ve done, really rewarding at the personnel point and professional too. Today I’m ready to go anywhere around the world thanks to this experience. It makes me more open-minded. I feel myself stronger, ready to do more things alone now. Moreover all the Portuguese people are incredible, very friendly and always here when we need something.”


“Com certeza, a minha experiência de o programa Leonardo em Lisboa foi a mais importante dos meus 25 anos: uma oportunidade para crescer, conhecer muitas pessoas de diferentes nacionalidades, aprender o Português, e para trabalhar em um campo relacionado com as minhas habilitações. O meu dia-a-dia em Lisboa foi muito feliz e cheio de emoções e momentos que eu lembrarei por toda a vida como uma página da minha historia pessoal que teve grande significado.

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ItalyMaila & Laura

“Doing a professional stage in another country where people speak a different language and where you are in contact with a different culture, is not only a professional experience that gives you the chance to learn methods and strategies of work, but also a life experience!”

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SpainSpanish Partner

“Thanks to EUROYOUTH’s invaluable partnership cooperation, about 30 students have been able to accomplish a 3 month internship in Lisbon (…). EUROYOUTH has managed to give them the needed support without blocking their personal development or expectations. “


“I am very happy to participate in the project Leonardo, to be here in Lisbon. This experience, for me the first time abroad, is openness to diversity and multiculturalism, the beginning of a growth that allowed me to compare myself, my limits, and my skills with another rich and exciting culture, and grow not only professionally, but also humanely. Until next time!”


“Having the possibility to go a foreign country with ERASMUS+ and EUROYOUTH was probably the most wonderful, and probably, the biggest opportunity I’ve had so far!

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“The key words were intensity, professionalism and perseverance. From this point of view I can only applaud the associations that have always been available, and especially once you get there in Portugal, there were no “surprises” than we stipulated. In the first few days I made a visit to the infrastructure where I met my tutor, got presented to the team and to the host organization (history, work, mission, strategic objectives, etc.).

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“My experience in Lisbon was spectacular! On a professional level I cannot have complaints of any kind both related with the hosting company where I did my professional internship, as well as with EUROYOUTH since, at all times, they were always available for any problem or doubt and did a great job in everything related with my stay. As for the personal level, I have seen very few cities that are more beautiful then Lisbon and the friendliness of the people is unparalleled! My final grade is 20 out of 10”

United KingdomUK Partner

“In the latter years we have worked closely with EUROYOUTH in the execution of our Leonardo da Vinci PLM projects (…). The benefits of this partnership have impacted and extended to other areas of our business… plus we’ve met some great colleagues!”


ItalyMatteo, Modena

“Very stimulating, interesting and useful internship”

ItalyMatteo, Milan

“Overall I consider this experience a very good one. I got used to work in English, that I think it’s a very good thing for my future work and to understand Portuguese and exchange in small conversation. I’m happy to have understood what it means to work for a consulting company where all the projects have many requests, requirements to respect and deadlines. I’m glad to have done this experience in a small company where all the social interactions are easier and more human. I’m also happy to have known many people from all over the world with different stories and habits.”

PortugalHairdressing Salon

“At professional level, the sharing of experiences has been extraordinary, specially for my team. Those trainees, even though very young, bring different skills and the exchange leaves us stronger (…). I totally recommend companies to receive trainees from the Erasmus programme. “


“Olá! Chamo-me Veronica e sou italiana. Eu fiz o meu estágio em Lisboa numa organização non-profit que é um centro artístico e cultural que organiza exposições de arte contemporânea, mas também outras atividades culturais, como conferências, workshops, visitas guiadas.
O estágio foi interessante porque tive a possibilidade de trabalhar na montagem e desmontagem da exposvição e também de trabalhar com artistas, nacionais e internacionais, na criação das peças de arte durante da montagem duma nova exposição.

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“Comecei esta experiência com muito interesse para os cães e os animais em geral, queria aprender mais sobre as potencialidades do trabalho com eles.
Foi uma boa escolha! A associação está composta por uma equipa jovem, dinâmica e muito motivada, formada por profissionais da área da saúde humana e animal. Aqui na sede de Lisboa, onde eu faço o meu estágio, há uma psicóloga clínica, uma veterinária e treinadora canina. Mais os protagonistas da associação são os cães, o Bauer e o Trevo!

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